Dr. Mallik Tatipamula
CTO at Ericsson
San Jose, California, USA

I am delighted that the Centre of Programmable Photonic Integrated Circuit & Systems (CPPICS) has been engaged with cutting edge technology R & D activities under the leadership of Prof. Bijoy Krishna Das. The progress of CoE-CPPICS has been commendable during the last couple of years and its future R&D roadmap has been well planned complying with the immediate needs of silicon photonics/electronics industries. As the chairman of CPPICS Industry Advisory Board, I am committed to coordinate with other board members to provide guidance to the team CoE-CPPICS to continue its activities following the Product Research Development and Manufacturing Model.

Distinguished Board Members

Dr. Vivek Raghunathan
Founder & CTO
Xscape Photonics Inc., USA

Mr. Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti
Senior Vice President
SilTerra, Malaysia

Dr. Prith Banerjee
CTO, Ansys Inc.
Palo Alto, California, USA

Dr. Steve Johnston
Vice President
Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany

Dr. Ravi M. Bhatkal
Managing Director
India Element Solutions Inc, India

Mr. Dinanath Soni
Executive Director
Si2 Microsystem, India

Mr. Kailash Narayanan
President, Communication Solutions Group
Keysight Technologies, USA

Mr. Vijay Janapaty
Vice President and General Manager
Broadcom Inc., USA

Mr. Vikas Gupta
Senior Director
GlobalFoundaries, USA

Mr. Narayan Srinivasa
Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Kishore Kamath
VP and GM of R&D
Intel Corporation, CA, USA

Dr. Albert Pang
SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.