Since silicon photonics technology is an interdisciplinary topic, our students and research scholars are encouraged to strengthen their foundational understanding through a series of interdisciplinary courses with engineering emphasises. Here is a list of popular NPTEL courses offered by our expert faculty members and other relevant resources given, which are useful for research starters and enthusiasts.

Introduction to Photonics

Introduction to Photonics, by Prof. Balaji Srinivasan, IIT Madras, is an introductory course on Photonics. This course will give an excellent overview of the basic principles and devices involved in Photonics. The learner will get a taste of various research areas that they can explore in Photonics.

Fiber Optic Communication Technology

Fibre Optic Communication Technology by Prof. Deepa Venkitesh, IIT Madras, is a graduate-level course intended to expose the learner to the physical layer elements and seamless transition from the issues in the physical layer to the data link layer in the optical communication systems and networks.

Integrated Photonics Devices and Circuits

Integrated Photonics Device and Circuits offered by Prof. Bijoy Krishna Das, IIT Madras, is an advanced course on the photonic devices used for optical signal processing in large scale photonic integrated circuits. In this course, the learner will understand the theory of integrated optical waveguides and working principles of various passive and active photonic devices and design rules and technology for large-scale photonic integrated circuits.

Semiconductor Device Modelling

Semiconductor Device Modelling by Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar, IIT Madras, is an introductory course on semiconductor physics of the materials used in the CMOS industry. This course will help the learner to understand the background physics and the design parameters of standard building units of an electronic chip, such as diodes and transistors.

VLSI Technology

VLSI Technology, offered by Prof. Nandita Das Gupta, IIT Madras, will give an excellent overview of the several manufacturing processes involved in the current CMOS industry. In this course, the learner will know about the evolution of the standard fabrication techniques over the decades to increase the fabrication density with minimal effect on the chip power consumption.

Digital IC Design

Digital IC Design by Prof. Janakiraman Veeraraghavan, IIT Madras, is an introductory digital circuit design course for pursuing a major in VLSI. This course discusses transistor-level circuit design concepts in great detail. The learner will understand the delay optimization techniques in designing logic gates and basic combinational and sequential digital circuits.